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Zoe Mulford: Bio

“I don't usually like folk music, but that underwear song is pretty good.” 
—patron, Taliano's Restaurant, Takoma Park, MD

Zoe Mulford is becoming best known as the author of "The President Sang Amazing Grace," which was covered by Joan Baez in 2018 and received an International Folk Award as Song of the Year at Folk Alliance International. She is also a powerful and engaging performer in her own right. She backs her voice with guitar or claw-hammer banjo, drawing on the traditional music of Appalachia and the British Isles and to create music that feels both comfortably lived-in and sparklingly fresh.

Raised near Philadelphia, Zoe took up the guitar and fell in love with the banjo during a twelve-year stint in Durham, North Carolina. Four years in Washington, DC introduced her to the community of contemporary songwriters, including her label-mates at the Azalea City Recordings cooperative. In 2006, she moved to the north of England. She now divides her time between Philadelphia, PA and Manchester, UK and tours on both sides of the Atlantic.

She has been a Kerrville Newfolk finalist and a Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist. Her songs have been recognized by the Great American Song Contest and the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, and appeared in Sing Out! Magazine.Her song "Welcome In Another Year" has become a seasonal favorite on folk radio. It has been performed by many other artists, including John Roberts and Tony Barrand in their Nowell Sing We Clear Christmas revue and Four Shillings Short in their Samhain show.