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Zoe Mulford: Postcards (Blog)

Real Time Update: Don't Take A Picture

Posted on May 6, 2010 with 0 comments

It is first thing Thursday morning and my borrowed iPhone chimes. "Lorelei Loveridge has tagged a picture of you on Facebook." I am in Scotland for five days singing backup in Lorelei's band, with several gigs in Edinburgh and one in Cromarty (out on the tip of a peninsula in the Firth of Forth.) It's been going well. The venues have been great and the people have been tremendously kind and welcoming.

Lorelei puts a lot of energy into documenting what she's doing. I, by contrast, got behind on my blog a week into the US tour and haven't caught up yet, so I have to admire her efficiency. One member of our party of four is here just to take pictures. Lorelei gets video of every show - but the documentation doesn't stop at the edge of the stage. If you are on tour with Lorelei, your breakfast will end up on Facebook.your_breakfast.jpg

So will you.


Thursday afternoon, while the others head up into town, I opt to explore a leafy green path along the Water of Leith towards our host's house. At the end of the path, I see signs for the Royal Botanical Garden, so I go.

This is my first outing with iPhone. I have to say that instant online access from anywhere could get addictive. I am about 100 paces inside the gate when I post my first picture. As I progress through the garden, I realize that the more pictures I take, the less I am looking at things.redpetals.jpg

I wanted the following poem to be a haiku, but it would not oblige:

Red petals. Falling water.
Don't take a picture.
Don't write a poem.
Be here now.

As you can see, I failed to follow my own advice.