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Zoe Mulford: Postcards (Blog)

Tour Notes: Musicians with Crayons at Urban H20

Posted on May 19, 2010 with 0 comments

April 17, Yonkers, NY

Urban H20 is a new concert series at the Beczak Environmental Education Center on the Hudson River. It was a lovely audience and a great space. Beside a picture window looking out on a tidal estuary (it was dark, so you had to know it was there), I sang “Low Tide” to the gentle bubbling of aquariums.

The Tribes Hill collective, which is one of the organizing forces of the series, started the show with an open showcase - a sort of chocolate-box sampler of the lively music scene in the Hudson Valley.

The Beczak Environmental Education Center is regularly overrun by children. The center offers them programs about the Hudson River ecosystem and sometimes suits them up in waders and lets them muck around in it.

When Beczak was overrun by musicians, it was inevitable that somebody would find the crayons.
“The Great Blues Heron” by Phil Minnissale
Check out Phil’s stellar blues guitar!