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Zoe Mulford: Press

"Baez inspired a standing ovation from the crowd with her powerful acoustic version of Zoe Mulford's "The President Sang Amazing Grace."

I was especially impressed (and ultimately even uplifted) by [Small Brown Birds] ... I really admire the thoughtfulness and structure of the CD as a whole.  It’s beautifully put together, filled with performances that seem unpretentious but powerful, grounded in respect for tradition and very much needed in our time. . . .

John Patterson - WXPI/The Song Parlor, Williamsport, PA

This highly personable American songwriter (based in northern England) sure delivers the goods ...This is a really neat collection: majoring on self-penned material that's supremely evocative and sometimes cheekily humorous, topped up with three decent trad-arrs. and a prescient, must-hear clawhammer-banjo-backed rendition of 1952 Vincent Black Lightning.

- fRoots (Jun 1, 2010)

... the capacity audience was treated to a well-received support set from Zoe Mulford, an American singer/songwriter, now living in Manchester. As well as her fine voice and songwriting skills, what makes Zoe standout is her claw-hammer banjo technique...". 

Her All of [the] Songs Were Road Songs is honestly, one of the best things I’ve ever heard...There is a polish to Zoe’s skills as a performer that goes to much higher levels than we may normally encounter. Polish in this case means much more than shine it means a rich patina. I was totally in thrall to her abilites by the time of the encore.

There’s an eminently listenable catchy American edge to her voice combined with an English folk delivery that forges a magical bond between two distinguished branches of folk music.

Tim Carroll - Folkwords (Apr 1, 2010)
"perfectly crafted"
Pamela Murray Winters - The Washington Post (Aug 18, 2006)
a brilliant, highly original songwriter who delivers her music with
warmth and sincerity and a bit of a twinkle.
Her short stories and striking observations are a delight - as are her banjo and guitar driven, melodically sung narratives.
These days there are thousands of singer/songwriters but only few have something new to offer. I think Zoe Mulford is very special. She has a lovely voice, writes great material and knows how to present her songs. "Gonna Wear Red" is beautifully written and I was delighted when she performed live on my programme.
I just loved cleverly written and beautifully delivered. It was fun to have her perform live on the show - she was delightful
There is a connecting thread that winds from start of finish of Roadside Saints as the songs are tied together by simple things. Zoe Mulford reminds us that they have meaning and weight and relevance in the lives we live.
Zoe's a fine and whimsical singer songwriter, alternatively powerful and funny... You'll find her to be just plain delightful.