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Zoe Mulford: Albums

Small Brown Birds (2017) - CD


1. Answer the Knock at the Door 2. Back Door Key 3. February Thunder 4. One Damn Thing 5. The Queen of Skye 6. Snow on the Junkyard 7. Speak True 8. The President Sang Amazing Grace 9. Blackbird 10. Small Brown Birds 11. Zillionaire 12. Won't You Come On In?

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Coyote Wings (2013) - CD


1. Pocket Fulla Quarters 2. Coyote Wings 3. Sister, Sail 4. Storm Damage 5. Sleeping in Her Evening Gown 6. No Moon At All (D. Mann/R. Evans) 7. Humboldt County 8. We Could Just Pretend 9. Acrobats 10. When the Coffee's All Gone 11. Sunrise Susquehanna 12. Night Noise, Swannanoa, NC

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Bonfires (2009) - CD

1. Open Water 2. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (R. Thompson) 3. Just Before I Go 4. All of the Songs Were Road Songs 5. The Ace of Spades 6. The Wind and Rain (Trad.) 7. She Moved Through the Fair (Trad.) 8. The Wise Maid 9. Red Rocking Chair (Trad.) 10. Welcome In Another Year 11. One Day the Sun's Gonna Shine (The Ballad of Eddie and Pete)

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Roadside Saints (2006) - CD

1. Elegy (Crystal Glass) 2.Gonna Wear Red 3. Our Lady of the Highways 4. The American Wake 5. Nobody Knocking 6. Gone Is Gone 7. Those Boys 8. The Angel in the Storm 9. Blues for Two 10. Stock 11. Stone Song 12.The Earth and the Sky

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Traveling Moon (2003) - CD

Traveling Moon Album Cover
1. Fox Grapes 2. Songs of Love and Distance 3. Miles to Babylon 4. Low Tide 5. Party Cows 6. My Aunt Maxine 7. If I Had a Cello 8. Life is Too Short to Fold Underwear 9. The Prodigal Son (Trad.) 10. The Street That Wasn't There 11. How Long Has It Been? 12. Traveling Moon

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