Starting 2024 in Good Company


Singer-songwriters can be solitary beasts. We may write songs out of our own experience. We may pitch our melodies for our own voices and shape them around our own vocal sweet spots. We generally show up driving our own cars with all our gear in the back, prepared to make ourselves the focus of a room full of people for two hours. And don't get me wrong, we like doing those things. If we didn't, we'd join a band.

It's a great pleasure, though, to share a stage with other artists. Often at a festival or a music conference, we'll have a chance to play in the round with other performers who invite us to join in on the fly. Sometimes those people are already friends whose music we know. Sometimes magic happens and a friendship will begin right there on stage.

I'm looking forward to playing a run of shows with Joe Jencks, who is a friend of long standing and one of the best all-around performers I know. He has logged many more miles and graced many more stages than I have, both as a solo artist and with the trio Brother Sun. His songs leave you better than they found you.


January 2 - New York, NY - The Bitter End -John Platt's "On Your Radar" feat. The Honey Badgers, Joe Jencks, Zoe Mulford

January 4 - Swarthmore, PA - Park Avenue Community Center

January 5 - State College, PA - House Concert

January 6 - Columbia, MD - Cooper's House Concert

January 7 - Mt. Airy, PA - The Folk Factory